Online Storage Auctions Coming Soon!

😟 This one has a longer name to see what wrapping looks like

Size: Custom size
Auction Start: 26/08/2023
Auction End: 31/08/2023
Facility: Extra Space Storage – Richmond

Nice Car

Yes, that’s a Farrari in the unit! What a surprise! This one is going to go quick!
Size: 5 x 10
Auction Start: 19/08/2023
Auction End: 23/08/2023
Facility: Extra Space

Some Cool Unit

Great unit with lots of toys, furniture, cars, and gold bars. Clean and tidy as well.
Size: Custom size
Auction Start: 16/08/2023
Auction End: 26/08/2023
Facility: Saf Keep – San Leandro